Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Dress code – white and green for a lunch in Dar Kawa

A white and green dress code for a lunch in Dar Kawa. Simplicity, sobriety, fresh vegetables and natural elements as decoration for the table. Less is more.

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Ghislaine Giordano

Ghislaine Giordano, she paints head on, full of energy, looks to the objects that surrounds her, like here the beldi glass. 10 years ago, Sahart foundation.

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Summer lunch under our orange trees

In Dar Kawa we love food and that is why we like to look at our table settings carefully. We play with colors, materials, table linen and accessories. Depending on the kind of meal we serve and season we live in, we choose a appropriate styling for the table.

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Letters from heaven

A hand embroidered, bed linen collection with messages on plain combed and mercerized cotton…

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Michi bags are sold in the medina, haberdashery area, in the tiny store +Michi. The baskets, half leather,half straw are designed by Masami, Hisham’s wife.

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Farid Belkahia – Tribute to an iconic artist

Farid Belkahia was born in 1934, a iconic moroccan artist who passed away a few months back. His painting on ram skin are the most representative artworks.

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Mumtaz suite – moving Nandi

In Dar Kawa we love to have creative minds staying with us. Here Katya Ivanovna plays with No-Mad 97%India Nandi posters and brings them to life. Awesome.

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Zebra sandals

In the medina, while wandering or hunting for treasures, you always find something unexpected. Here the zebra sandals that we called “medical zebra sandals”…

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Baboune in detail

Located on the first floor of the house, Baboune has a lovely view on the patio, above the orange trees. From this room the terrace is only a few steps away.

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