Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Jardin Majorelle

Majorelle garden was built by Jacques Majorelle, who settled in Marrakech, bought the land and started the creation of his garden. 40 years of passion…

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Lunch on the terrace

Lunch on the terrace of Dar Kawa is exquisite with a special atmosphere and light that make winter lunches special. In summer we mostly have dinner there…

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Black and White

In black and white or a pallet of greys, we like to play with colors in Dar Kawa. For a table setting or for the dress code of our rooms. Our lifestyle.

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The Spa in Dar Kawa with Sophie Demaret

At Dar Kawa we had the desire to, evolve and develop an untapped space. Several ideas hatched but that of creating a Spa seemed the best. For we have always sought that Dar Kawa is a place of healing and overall wellness.

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La peau de l’homme by Delphine Warin

La peau de l’homme is a serie of photographs shot in a barber shop of Ait Ourir by Delphine Warin. She immersed herself to witness the rural world of men.

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Nomad Cafe, 2 minutes away from Dar Kawa

Nomad cafe is a rooftop restaurant and cafe located in the heart of the medina. Contemporary interior design and modern cuisine. very close to Dar Kawa…

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Tea time on the terrace

Tea time on the terrace of Dar Kawa is a journey on its own. We serve traditional mint tea, local herbal tea or a black tea with homemade cake or cookies.

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SCARAB BEETLE by Pascale Malilo

Beetles by Pascale Malilo makes drawings using the pecking technique. Here a serie of scarab beetles that in ancient egypt symbolizes life and fertility

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Le Jardin

Le Jardin, very close to Dar Kawa, is one of our favorite locations. Contemporary interior design green, lush patio. Nice for tea, lunch or dinner.

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Vintage Posters, hunting and collecting

Morocco has been in the spotlight for so many decades and still is.
These vintage posters witness how, during past century, Morocco has been advertised by airlines, shipping companies, tourism offices,… All of them promote the beauties and treasures of the country.

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