Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Kechyoto Dinners by Nicole Francesca Manfron at Dar Kawa

Experience the exquisite Kechyoto dinners at Dar Kawa, curated by Nicole Francesca Manfron. Indulge in a unique culinary fusion of Marrakech and Kyoto, where every dish is a journey through culture and artistry…

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Write is Might

Did you know that Dar Kawa has an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program? We have a dedicated, extra room at the riad especially reserved for the creative nomad. Artists, writers, designers, chefs, architects, and all creative professionals are welcomed to apply for a one to two week stay to work on a directed project. The manager of this program is Trong Gia Nguyen…

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Tasty Morning Routine

Breaking the fast after a good night’s sleep at Dar Kawa is one of the most simple, pleasurable joys our guests have come to expect from a stay in the Medina…

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Dar Kawa Makeover

In July, with the riad closed, we are taking advantage of this period to follow through with a few renovations…

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HEY, 2023

What ends with family begins anew with family. Wishing every one of you another turn of the clock surrounded by those who inspire and make you feel warm inside. Nothing captures the good vibes at Dar Kawa more appropriately than this beginning of the year “school picture”, featuring (back row) Ouadiä, Abdelhadi, Youssef, (front row) Saida, Valerie, and Laaziza. It’s going to be full of spicy adventures and hidden discoveries. We know you’re up for it! And we’re pepped and excited to welcome you back to your favorite riad bubble in the coming weeks and months!⁣

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Happy 2021 from Marrakesh

The family at Dar Kawa wishes you and your loved ones a fresh, petals-strewn start to the new year. What we leave behind and what we take with us will define the adventurous journey that is ahead (luggage optional). Let’s fill 2021 with discovery and travels surrounded by all the special people in and incoming to our lives. When you next find yourself in Marrakesh, remember that our doors are open arms to embrace you after the peculiar year that was.  As of now, for the sake of safety and seduction, Dar Kawa is open for private bubble bookings only. Treat yourself to our oasis in the Medina and experience the entirety of the riad for your group with all the pampering perks! For all enquiries and bookings, please contact Céline at info@darkawa.net

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Meet Saïda, our chef

Saïda is also defined by her smile. Her expert hands, her sense of taste embellish Dar Kawa with savory scents. She gives life to the riad’s table where everything-or almost-is homemade.

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Meet Abdelhadi, our riad manager

Abdelhadi is the soul of the house. From ‘his’ house as he calls it. Abdelhadi witnesses Dar Kawa’s adventure from the beginning. He has seen it evolve and accompanies all its changes. But he is especially present everyday.

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Dar Kawa, the terrace

Like other corners of Dar Kawa, the terrace has been newly remodeled. Completely repainted, today it is sand colored to harmonize a little more with its environment…

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