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OUR PHILISOPHY: An Invitation to Let It Go In The Medina of Marrakech

Push open the door of Dar Kawa and you will be directly enveloped by a soothing and warm atmosphere that invites you to let go. This 17th century house was expertly restored by Quentin Wilbaux – a great connoisseur of the medina. Subsequently, under the creative guidance of proprietor Valerie Barkowski, Dar Kawa took on its true charming personality. Are you looking for a place where to stay in Marrakech ? You are welcomed at Dar Kawa: one of the best boutique hotels of Marrakech. 

Creative director, designer, stylist, traveler from here and elsewhere, Valérie adorned and modeled the riad with her distinct touch, yet remaining faithful to fine craftsmanship and paying respect to tradition of Marrakech. At once elegant and eccentric, Dar Kawa’s décor and arrangements change regularly with the inspirations of its proprietor.

It feels like home, because it is. Here you will find Valerie’s refined textiles and objects filled with souls and stories – as they are also fellow travelers. Not a single detail has been neglected, and thought goes into every fold and corner of Dar Kawa.

where to stay in Marrakech : Riad Dar Kawa best boutique hotels of Marrakech. 
Photos : Tania Panova – Nicole Francesca Manfron

The spirit of Dar Kawa also resides in the ever-present beauty of the staff. Abdelhadi and Saïda have been with Valerie since the beginning of this adventure and Laaziza, Youssef and Ouadiä are now also part of the team. Their ever-present warmth and kindness will make your stay at Dar Kawa extra memorable.

Meet the team.

Photos : Tania Panova

Dar Kawa goes far beyond a boutique hotel in the medina of Marrakech. When you are looking to escape and recharge your batteries, Dar Kawa is your cocoon – with pampering and amenities! Recalibrate the present and share the simple ecstasy with your family and friends. And to enhance and maximize your experience of the riad, Dar Kawa is now available exclusively as a single booking in its entirety.   

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Photos : Tania Panova – Nicole Francesca Manfron


Situated in the maze of the souks and the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, or old town, you can find Dar Kawa ideally flanked by the spice market and Medersa Ben Youssef, between the common oven and the ‘hammam’ of the area, as they say. Dar Kawa was built at the turn of the 17th century. At that time, the house was the zaouïa of Derkaoua, a religious building established by a brotherhood of the same name. Within these walls one prayed, meditated, and engaged in total serenity among the Saadian architecture. Dar Kawa has preserved its sense of revitalizing energy, spiritualism, and tranquility.

Acquired by Valérie Barkowski in 1999, the house was restored for the first time in 1999 with the expertise Belgian architect Quentin Wilbaux, an avid connoisseur of the Marrakech medina. Work was conducted with reverence and care in order to maintain the original architecture. Since then, each year, minor modifications continue to improve and modernize the building, always utilizing materials that were chosen for simplicity and authenticity. Cedar, for example, is used for all the woodwork and tiles are made of cement. Everything corresponds to ancestral Moroccan culture. That makes Dar Kawa one of the best riads in Marrakech for sure.

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Photos : Nicole Francesca Manfron

Dar Kawa itself consists of a large communal courtyard, a rooftop terrace, 3 suites and 1 double bedroom, all with en suite bathrooms and each uniquely furnished.

The courtyard, or patio is the central living space of Dar Kawa. At every time of the day, serenity and a large daybed overflowing with cushions beckons guests to relax, read, take tea, chat, or even take a nap under the orange trees that act as your natural, angelic sentries. Our riad is the place where to stay in Marrakech.

On the rooftop terrace one can seek both shade and sun. Partially covered, the terrace is a refuge for a daydream, or two. Lunch or dinner can be served up here depending on the season. It is also the perfect spot to let day ease into night, as you a sip a cocktail or mint tea while watching the medina ride into the sunset. This is what life in Marrakech looks like.

Feel free to check our luxury suites and rooms here.

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At breakfast, we bake our own bread served with homemade jams, yoghurt, honey and fruits, along with coffee or tea, and seasonal fresh juices. Eggs, Moroccan crepes or pancakes are always available depending on your preferences. The menu changes regularly in order for our guests to fully discover the variety of Moroccan breads and pastries.

Lunch or dinner can be served in the patio or on the rooftop terrace, depending on the season. Meals have to be ordered in advance as we work only with fresh products. Everything is prepared in a simple manner to experience the authenticity and full flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Our in house chef Saïda can prepare delightful couscous, tajines, salads, and much more… Life in Marrakech must also be discovered through its food.

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The riad also has its own spa for massage bookings. After a full day strolling through the souks of Marrakech, this bit of self-pampering will be much. Our spa room is situated on the rooftop and offers a range of options. Our masseuses use cosmetic products specially crafted for Dar Kawa from 100% natural ingredients. Treatments must be booked in advance.

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One way to make your stay in the Medina of Marrakech unforgettable is through local experiences. Based on your interests, our staff can help you organize activities and excursions in and beyond the Medina. From hikes in the atlas to camping in the desert, or learning how to cook as the locals do, just let us know by emailing info@darkawa.net and we will revert to you with some tailor-made guidance and tell you about the best places to go in Marrakech and surroundings to feed your sense of adventure!

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