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The Team


ABDELHADI wears many hats at Dar Kawa, and he looks great in them all. He has been here from day one, and knows every nook and cranny of the riad. He is the welcoming face when you arrive and a fountain of local information that will make your stay exceptional and smooth. If there is a question to be or that can’t be answered, Abdelhadi is the point person. In addition to superintendent duties, he is also the super concierge who can procure any reservations and bookings you may need, including special requests. Whether you seek a fifth cup of coffee or a genie to jump out of a birthday cake, he will invoke the impossible. Not just a pretty face, Abdelhadi maintains our high riad standards and aesthetics, and his natural elegance takes care of both seen and unseen matters with grace and swiftness.


SAIDA is the heart and soul of our kitchen since the beginning. Her good-natured soul pulses with the beat of the riad. From homemade jams, granola and tea biscuits to arguably the best couscous in all of Marrakech, she is the chef responsible for all your dietary goodness’ sake. Every meal is made fresh using as many organic ingredients as possible, and, ever the creative, she also takes interest in crafting delectable gluten-free recipes that will certainly form new culinary traditions. Saida’s authentic hundred-watt smile, like her cooking, is an experience to behold.


YOUSSEF is our evening person who creates the ambiance for our guests by lighting candles and building fires in the suites that have fireplaces.  He works closely with our chef and his understated service at dinner makes sure meals and table settings are handled with care. Youssef is also Dar Kawa’s indispensable procurer of kitchen goods and other needed products. In advocating for sustainable and green practices, it is a sizable job going to the many different vendors to obtain all the natural and organic ingredients we use, even going so far as buying water in glass bottles and then returning them elsewhere for recycling. Easier said than done, and Youssef makes these chores a piece of cake. 


LAAZIZA takes care of housekeeping in all the chambers as well as the rooftop spa. Dar Kawa is picky about fine details, and all our suites are unique with different linens of different sizes, demanding their own attention. Good travellers know when something is out of place, and Laaziza’s unseen but important work makes sure you can take all this comfort for granted. Along with Abdelhadi, she is part of our morning staff whom tends to those delicious breakfasts on the terrace. Though Laaziza doesn’t speak French or English, it is difficult looking into her expressive eyes and not comprehend true kindness and gratitude.


the team dar kawa

OUADIÄ is Dar Kawa’s night bird. His “day” begins at 10pm and he will be the one welcoming guests should you arrive late or check out early in the morning. Ouadiä has joined us only since the summer, and he lives the double life as a student at the University of Marrakech. An avid learner who is soaking up and dispensing knowledge every day at the riad, he is fluent in English while also studying Hebrew. Ouadiä’s kindness and easy personality make us all the more pleasant. 


AMAL is Dar Kawa’s administrative support and daily team manager. She pushes paper to make sure all accounts are smooth in the ledger and tidy on the desk. Amal is our private eye –present and invisible at the same time, which means she’s sneakily good at what she does, and the riad wouldn’t operate as functionally without her.


the team dar kawa céline

CELINE is Dar Kawa’s liaison for bookings and troubleshooting. She is usually based in Belgium but travels multiple times a year to Marrakech, where she is able to work directly with the team. Céline is a seasoned traveller who is refined as she is down to earth. She will empathize with your experience and is a great resource for maximizing your well spent time inside and out of the riad. With a diverse background in PR, event programming, theatre and the arts, Céline is well-suited to give you advice on cultural offerings. Being an avid outdoors enthusiast, she can also counsel you on any jaunts into the deserts, beaches, and mountains. 


the team dar kawa trong

TRONG is an artist originally from Vietnam and New York who is the wordsmith for all of Dar Kawa’s social media, newsletters and texts. He also manages Dar Kawa’s Artist-in-Residence program, which takes place over 4 weeks during the summer when the riad is closed. Though he holds a master’s degree in fine arts and painting, Trong is a casual perfectionist who takes interest in all manner of creative activities. He travels regularly to exhibit and curate across the globe, and he can usually be found brimming with ideas big and small.