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Kechyoto Dinners by Nicole Francesca Manfron at Dar Kawa

Experience the exquisite Kechyoto dinners at Dar Kawa, curated by Nicole Francesca Manfron. Indulge in a unique culinary fusion of Marrakech and Kyoto, where every dish is a journey through culture and artistry…

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Exploring Arab Cultures Through ‘I Came for Couscous’ Magazine – Now Available at Valerie Barkowski Store in Marrakech

Discover the Heartbeat of Arab Cultures at Riad Dar Kawa with ‘I Came for Couscous’ Magazine…

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Art fair 1-54 Plus Dar Kawa Equals a Special Excursion in February

he best time to escape gets even better in February, when the contemporary art fair 1–54 comes to Marrakech. Discover cutting edge works from the African continent and its diaspora in one place in the medina –actually in two places as this year the renowned event occupies both the immaculate La Mamounia hotel and the ever transformative DaDa space…

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Write is Might

Did you know that Dar Kawa has an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program? We have a dedicated, extra room at the riad especially reserved for the creative nomad. Artists, writers, designers, chefs, architects, and all creative professionals are welcomed to apply for a one to two week stay to work on a directed project. The manager of this program is Trong Gia Nguyen…

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Tasty Morning Routine

Breaking the fast after a good night’s sleep at Dar Kawa is one of the most simple, pleasurable joys our guests have come to expect from a stay in the Medina…

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Averroes (Ibn Rushd)

Averroes, also known as Ibn Rushd, was a prominent medieval Andalusian philosopher, physician, and scholar who lived from 1126 to 1198. He is known for his significant contributions to various fields, including philosophy and medicine. Averroes did spend some time in Marrakech, which is located in present-day Morocco…

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Dar Kawa Makeover

In July, with the riad closed, we are taking advantage of this period to follow through with a few renovations…

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New glassware collection : Calabesses

As a consultant for the brand Kessy Beldi, Valerie Barkowski was instrumental in the launch of their beautiful new glassware collection, Gamme Calabesses, based on the calabash fruit. After it is dried, the shells of these African fruits are repurposed as everyday containers. In collaboration with the design agency Halley and Co, check out Kessy Beldi’s full range of Moroccan inspired glassware. Idée recette ! Pêches pochées à la verveine

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Francis Bacon in Tangier

It was fascinating to discover that the English artist Francis Bacon (1909 – 1992) traveled regularly to Morocco in the mid 20th century. Bacon’s longtime partner, Peter Lacy, had settled in Tangier in the 1950’s, and so the renowned painter would regularly travel there…

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Treasure MAP

There was a couple by the name of Marlène and Paolo Gallone, who travelled the world extensively and adored collecting all manner of ornaments, jewelry and textiles, from precious stones to humble fragments that all echoed their many stories. This collection, and their love of Marrakech, resulted in the architectural wonder and museum that is the Monde des Arts de la Parure, or MAP…

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