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Exploring the Heart of African Contemporary Art:A Journey through 1-54 Art Week in Marrakech
the 1-54 art week
Exploring the Heart of African Contemporary Art:A Journey through 1-54 Art Week in Marrakech

In an enriching collaboration with Dar Kawa, Céline masterfully led a diverse group of art collectors and enthusiasts on a cultural voyage during the illustrious 1-54 Art Week. This premier event, a beacon for African contemporary art, brought together groundbreaking works from across the continent and its diaspora. Marrakech, with its deep cultural roots, welcomed nearly 30 local and international galleries and art spaces to the historic La Mamounia and the avant-garde Dada Art Space.

the 1-54 art week friends

© Atelier Amine El Ghotaibi / La Mamounia / Malhoun Art Space / Comptoir des Mines

A Tapestry of Artistic Experiences

The festival atmosphere of the 1-54 Art Week extended over four days, offering art aficionados a rich palette of experiences. This year, our guests had the unique opportunity to delve into the creative processes of renowned artists through visits to the workshops of Eric Van Hove and Amine El Ghotaibi, among others. These intimate sessions provided a rare glimpse into the artistic soul of Marrakech.

the 1-54 art week

© Atelier Amine El Ghotaibi / © Jajjah-gallery-sidi-ghanem

© Mcc Gallery

Adding to the local flair, esteemed galleries such as MCC Gallery, Malhoun Art Space, and Galerie 38, alongside Marrakech stalwarts like Galerie SINIYA 28, Galerie 127, and Loft Art Gallery, showcased the vibrant spectrum of local and international talent. The intellectual curiosity of our attendees was further nurtured by engaging talks and programs courtesy of the Black Rock Foundation (Senegal).

© Atelier Eric Van Hove / © Montresso Foundation

the 1-54 art week

© Yvanovitch Mbaya

Unforgettable Encounters and Cultural Fusion

Amidst the exploration, the comfort of traditional Moroccan babouches soothed weary feet, symbolizing the perfect balance between artful discovery and relaxation. The week was punctuated by a special dinner at Dar Kawa, where art enthusiasts from around the globe, including the United States, Austria, and France, converged with cultural icons and prominent collectors for an evening of lively discussion and camaraderie.

dar kawa friends dinner

Dar kawa dinner / © Villa Sadaka Jean-François Fourretout

This year’s 1-54 Art Week was not just an event but a confluence of art, culture, and friendship, promising an encore of this magical gathering in the future. We warmly invite you to be part of this ongoing celebration of art and creativity.

More Art in the Medina

At the heart of the Medina, Valerie’s store unveiled a new chapter in the Twist the Box saga. This creative enclave welcomed the ingenious “SCRAPS” installation by Vietnamese-American artist Trong Gia Nguyen. Drawing inspiration from V. Barkowski’s OTIS linen designs, Nguyen crafted a floating dining table adorned with a tablecloth that tells a story of demand and dissent through hand-stitched designs and lyrics from an eclectic mix of musicians.

This installation not only challenges perceptions but also beckons visitors into a mesmerizing dialogue with its clever use of mirrors and space, creating a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that captivates and intrigues.

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