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Khadija El Abyad: Rising Star of Moroccan Contemporary Art

“We love to share the artists we discover over time here in Marrakech. For several years, we have been observing and following this talented young woman, whom we are introducing to you today. We hope Khadija El Abyad captivates you as much as she has us…”

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My Odyssey with Paul Bowles: Immersing in the Literary Tapestry of Morocco

It’s a curious oversight that the name of Paul Bowles has seldom graced our narratives. For twenty-eight years, Morocco has been my home, and it’s here that I first encountered the profound works of this exceptional author. With each reading, Bowles’s words unveil new revelations, drawing me deeper into the enigmatic tapestry of Moroccan landscapes and cultural intricacies…

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Exploring the Heart of African Contemporary Art:A Journey through 1-54 Art Week in Marrakech

Immerse yourself in the 1-54 Art Week in Marrakech, where art lovers unite for a celebration of African contemporary art, exclusive gallery exhibitions, and artist workshops with Eric Van Hove and Amine El Ghotaibi…

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Art fair 1-54 Plus Dar Kawa Equals a Special Excursion in February

he best time to escape gets even better in February, when the contemporary art fair 1–54 comes to Marrakech. Discover cutting edge works from the African continent and its diaspora in one place in the medina –actually in two places as this year the renowned event occupies both the immaculate La Mamounia hotel and the ever transformative DaDa space…

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Averroes (Ibn Rushd)

Averroes, also known as Ibn Rushd, was a prominent medieval Andalusian philosopher, physician, and scholar who lived from 1126 to 1198. He is known for his significant contributions to various fields, including philosophy and medicine. Averroes did spend some time in Marrakech, which is located in present-day Morocco…

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Francis Bacon in Tangier

It was fascinating to discover that the English artist Francis Bacon (1909 – 1992) traveled regularly to Morocco in the mid 20th century. Bacon’s longtime partner, Peter Lacy, had settled in Tangier in the 1950’s, and so the renowned painter would regularly travel there…

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Treasure MAP

There was a couple by the name of Marlène and Paolo Gallone, who travelled the world extensively and adored collecting all manner of ornaments, jewelry and textiles, from precious stones to humble fragments that all echoed their many stories. This collection, and their love of Marrakech, resulted in the architectural wonder and museum that is the Monde des Arts de la Parure, or MAP…

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The Blue Caftan – a delicate film not to be missed

Maryam Touzani directs a very touching film and the Belgian actress Lubna Azabal is sublime in it! The director creates a subtle and delicate drama on the still taboo subject of homosexuality in Morocco. We particularly appreciated the attention to details and the quality of the images. The sensuality that emanates from the fabrics and materials worked by hand could only touch us, of course. Beyond its aesthetic beauty, the film addresses deep and universal questions about the search for identity, social and familial pressure, and the difficulty of choosing one’s own path. The character of Mina embodies this quest with a sincerity and vulnerability that particularly touched us.

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Mark Twain

Mark Twain, born Samuel Clémens, takes off to the Atlantic Ocean to discover France, England, France, Italy, the Greek islands, the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, the Holy Land, but also Morocco…

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Brion Gysin

Born in 1916, Brion Gysin accumulates the marginalities of his time … Homosexual, stateless, without religion. He is also a polyglot and multi-form artist…

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