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Khadija El Abyad: Rising Star of Moroccan Contemporary Art
Khadija El Abyad: Rising Star of Moroccan Contemporary Art

“We love to share the artists we discover over time here in Marrakech. For several years, we have been observing and following this talented young woman, whom we are introducing to you today. We hope Khadija El Abyad captivates you as much as she has us.”

khadija el abyad performance

Early Life and Education

Khadija El Abyad, born in 1991 in Agadir, Morocco, is a visual artist making waves in the contemporary art scene. Her provocative and engaging works delve into identity, corporeality, and intimacy through diverse mediums such as performance, installation, and sculpture. The artist graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tétouan in 2017 and completed a Master’s in Cultural and Artistic Engineering at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ben M’sik in Casablanca in 2019. She primarily lives and works in Rabat.

khadija el abyad membres rebelles

Artistic Themes and Media

In her artistic endeavour, Khadija El Abyad focuses on “body screens,” utilising symbol-laden materials such as hair and sheepskin. Her works oscillate between abstraction and figuration, often carrying a strong emotional charge that challenges societal norms surrounding the female body.

Exhibitions and Residencies

Khadija’s work has been showcased at various international galleries and festivals, including the Marrakech Biennale, La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, and the Sharjah Art Foundation in the United Arab Emirates. Her artistic residencies and solo exhibitions, like those at Stihl Waiblingen Gallery in Stuttgart and the Photographic Centre of Marseille, demonstrate her commitment to contemporary art.

khadija el abyad exposition virtuelle

Incorporating Cultural Elements:

Recently, Khadija has been incorporating henna into her artwork, creating a new ornamental vocabulary that echoes throughout her sculptures and paintings. This exploration continues to push the boundaries of her artistic expression and challenges traditional perceptions of ornamentation.

Through her works, Khadija contributes to cultural and social reevaluation by using art to discuss identity and personal freedom. She continually pushes the boundaries of traditional Moroccan art and introduces contemporary subjects into her art.
Khadija El Abyad continues to captivate and challenge her audience, bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to contemporary art. Her journey exemplifies how artists can influence and transform their culture through art. Art lovers and critics alike will surely keep an eye on her future creations and exhibitions.

Where to See Khadija El Abyad’s Work

To see more of Khadija El Abyad’s work, especially those utilising hair, you can visit several websites and platforms:
Le Cube – Art Platform: Offers a comprehensive archive of Khadija’s work, including details about her residencies and exhibitions. The site may feature images and descriptions of her projects involving hair.
Exhibition Sites and Galleries: Galleries and exhibition venues where Khadija El Abyad has showcased her work, such as Stihl Waiblingen Gallery and the Photographic Centre of Marseille, might also have archives of her exhibitions, including online images and catalogues.

Social Media and Contemporary Art Platforms: The artist’s social media and contemporary art platforms like ArtRabbit or Artsy are also good resources for exploring her works, with regular updates on her latest projects and exhibitions.
Khadija El Abyad has published an exhibition book titled “Khass Bi Annissae,” written and curated by Fatimazahra Lakrissa. This book delves into themes of hair, the body, and beauty ideals through plastic, visual, and poetic explorations. Inspired by her exhibition, the book is available for purchase at the LE 18 Bookstore in Marrakech.

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