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Kechyoto Dinners by Nicole Francesca Manfron at Dar Kawa
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Kechyoto Dinners by Nicole Francesca Manfron at Dar Kawa

Nicole Francesca Manfron is not only recognized for her expertise in textile engineering and fashion styling but also for her innovative culinary ventures. One such venture is the Kechyoto dining experience, a unique fusion that blends the flavors and culinary traditions of Marrakech and Kyoto.

kechyoto dinners at dar kawa

This concept, Kechyoto, is a reflection of Nicole’s multicultural background and her passion for creating immersive experiences that combine local craftsmanship with her own eclectic style.

At Dar Kawa, the Kechyoto dinners are exclusive events where guests can savor this unique fusion cuisine in an intimate setting. Nicole’s culinary journey is an extension of her creative philosophy, showcased by her success with The Secret Souk—a project that began as a pop-up Moroccan souk in Manhattan, offering traditional goods and fusion dinners, which received high acclaim. Her culinary style is marked by an attention to detail, a commitment to quality, and an inventive spirit that marries different cultural flavors harmoniously.

By inviting Nicole Francesca Manfron to curate her Kechyoto dinners at Dar Kawa, we offer our guests more than a meal—we offer a journey through the senses, an immersion in a culinary and artistic vision that celebrates authenticity and culture. Nicole’s dedication to her craft and her respect for local artisans echo our ethos at Dar Kawa, where every encounter is intentionally designed to be a meaningful and soulful experience that goes beyond the ordinary, to touch the essence of Marrakech’s rich heritage.”

kechyoto experience

To reserve your exclusive Kechyoto dining experience, designed for 6 to 12 guests, please reach out to Céline at info@darkawa.net. Availability is limited to ensure a personalized and intimate culinary adventure.

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