Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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The Patio

Life in our patio is pleasant at every moment of the day…

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Sardines – So simple, so good.

Sardines. Bathed in a marinade. Stuffed with mint. Or a tajine ? Sardines are very common and tasty in Morocco and our cook, Saïda has an endless repertoire of receipes for them…

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Tribute to Leila Alaoui

A young French-Moroccan photographer is gone. [/header] Her work, her photographs, testimonies of humanity, remain… She campaigned. In her way. Without violence.

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Sarah Carlier, private concert tonight

Tonight in Dar Kawa, private concert by Sarah Carlier for a happy few…

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Daniele Galliano at the VBarkowski store

In Morocco they say “Mektoub” which means “it is written”.
In Russia they say “Soudba” which means “destiny”.
That is exactly how Daniele Galliano his work landed in the V.Barkowski store.

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Saïda – Our cook since 1999

A few days back we received this lovely picture from one of our japanese guests. Saïda, our cook.

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Vegetable minimalism

 Revisited by Vera Chekal, young russian photographer, a personal interpretation in a Moroccan context. Here and there. Images are sometimes raw, sometimes highlighted. Small condensed tradition of the country presented with minimalism. Vera Chekal is a young russian student in photography. She came as a guest, together with 4 other photographers of her school in Moscow, past summer. They stayed for a week in Dar Kawa and explored the moroccan culture, the streets, the heat, Dar Kawa, moroccan food. A large repertoire. Many subjects, different lights and atmospheres to shoot. Upon departure Vera shared this serie of photos with us.

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The V.Barkowski store – Marrakech

Valerie Barkowski started to design home textiles in Marrakech 20 years ago. Well known for her work with artisans, you remember probably the multicolored tassels and a whole repertoire of traditional embroideries that she brought back to life but “with a twist”…

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Delphine Warin – New Amazons

All were taken to Dar Essalam during a fantasia, a traditional horse show simulating combat assaults. A custom that one can easily imagine as masculine. But little by little women have hoisted themselves on the horses. Delphine Warin named them “New Amazons” those that challenge, intimidating, who proudly wear their statutes. In her photographs, we perceive the ties that bind these women, strength that drive them. A rare and beautiful series by its honesty and intimacy.

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Beldi kitchen ustensiles

In Dar Kawa , we love what here they call “beldi”. This means local and traditional, that refers to ancestral use…

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