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Mint tea
Mint tea

“Mint tea is : bitter like life, sparkling and sweet like love and death. ” Moroccan proverb

Mint tea, obtained through the infusion of green tea leafs and spearmint, accompanied by lots of sugar, it is the traditional drink of hospitality in Morocco. Generally prepared by the family head, it is offered to the guest who will never refuse a glass of tea. It is served 3 times. Between these servings, tea leaves and spearmint, kept in the pot, continue to infuse.


Glass after glass flavor and appearance change: light for the first serving, balanced for the second, very astringent and bitter at last. This plant of 1000 virtues is served all day round at Dar Kawa. For a moment of sharing, of peace, of friendliness and to enjoy all the benefits on our health. (considering you don’t put too much sugar…)


Beside the traditional mint tea we are particularly in love with the also traditional herbal tea called “tralt”. It is a bouquet of 7 assembled fresh herbs composed with : sage, marjoram, absinth, wormwood, 3 types of mint … In winter mint leaves are a little more rare. Sometimes we replace it by wormwood leaves, that gives the tea a very pronounced bitterness. The tea blend or tea, mint and wormwood is consumed a lot in the coldest season.


Excellent, this marriage of aromatic plants warms soul and body. In arid or semi-arid Morocco, the biggest virtue of mint tea is body hydration. The “chibba” Moroccan Arabic name for absinthe, is known for the fertility of men and against the common cold. Mint treats cough, inflammation of the bronchi and pertussis. Verbena fights against sleep disorders and against all forms of stress.



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