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Elena Gromova in Dar Kawa

A detail. A shadow. A nuance. Each gaze lingers on something different . Elena Gromova, a young russian photographer, stayed in Dar Kawa this summer and captured the details of her daily life in the riad. We are happy to share these life fragments with you.

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Table dress code – Morocco meets Africa

You probably noticed already that, in Dar Kawa, we love food. This also means that we love to change the dress code of our table and that we permanently look for new linens and accessories that will match our menus and decor.

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Beldi Glass

Beldi glass. A tradition. A classic. A must . Since 1973, over 10,000 glasses were leaving a Casablanca factory every day. But he Beldi glass almost disappeared when the workshop closed down.

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Kitchen by Marion Giorgi

Kitchen, THE kitchen, OUR kitchen. Scents. Flavors. Boiling noises, crisp vegetables. The heat from the kettle. The freshness of a fruit…

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In Dar Kawa they settle here and there. In the fountain of the patio, on the table, in the bedrooms, … A nice detail. A way to welcome our guests.

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On the road – Riad Caravan near Aït Benhaddou

Along the old track of caravans, this guest house simply called “Riad Caravan” took up residence and has chosen the village of Ait Boulmane to accommodate travelers…

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Dress code – white and green for a lunch in Dar Kawa

A white and green dress code for a lunch in Dar Kawa. Simplicity, sobriety, fresh vegetables and natural elements as decoration for the table. Less is more.

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Ghislaine Giordano

Ghislaine Giordano, she paints head on, full of energy, looks to the objects that surrounds her, like here the beldi glass. 10 years ago, Sahart foundation.

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Summer lunch under our orange trees

In Dar Kawa we love food and that is why we like to look at our table settings carefully. We play with colors, materials, table linen and accessories. Depending on the kind of meal we serve and season we live in, we choose a appropriate styling for the table.

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Letters from heaven

A hand embroidered, bed linen collection with messages on plain combed and mercerized cotton…

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