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The traditional handmade copper pan
The traditional handmade copper pan

The traditional handmade copper pan is a must as skilled artisans, who have the know how to make them, vanish day after day.

A traditional handmade copper pan. A rare item. A visit to the souk. And a find! Pretty, round, shiny. Warm. One that develops a patina over time, which becomes softer. Quality utensil forgotten in grandmothers kitchens.


Under its cover, the best stews. It is the symbol of good food. It perfectly conducts heat through the copper that compose it. It is resistant. And in Morocco, this pan is watched with wonder when found in some homes. Its lid that raises calls for it to discover the delights that lie hidden in the pan…


The object is traditional and available in several sizes and shapes. A timeless know how. In Marrakech very few artisans still make these handmade traditional copper pans, it becomes a kind of treasure hunt…


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