Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Sheila Hicks

he is American and born in 1934. She studies painting but a trip to Peru redraws the path of her path. She discovers pre-Columbian textiles, travels to South America and learns ancient weaving techniques from indigenous artists…

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Yasmina by Masami Ishida

A newcomer to Marrakech created by Masami Ishida, Japanese designer who likes to work in the pure Moroccan tradition, and her husband, Hisham, who brings the place to life…

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The same philosophy animates us: that of going to draw in the traditions, to make them live, to give them a breath of today. Popham Design is the company of two Americans who fell in love with Morocco and crafts cement tiles…

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We found a nice shop in the medina that sells woman clothing. Nice fashion design, and 100% made in Marrakech, we love their robes inspired by traditionnal moroccan clothes like Caftan…

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Wooden cutting boards

Shopping is part of the journey when you stay in Dar Kawa…

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The V.Barkowski store – Marrakech

Valerie Barkowski started to design home textiles in Marrakech 20 years ago. Well known for her work with artisans, you remember probably the multicolored tassels and a whole repertoire of traditional embroideries that she brought back to life but “with a twist”…

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The traditional handmade copper pan

Visit the souk and hund a rare item, the traditional handmade copper pan. Forgotten in grandmother’s kitchen this copper pan makes the best stews.

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