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Mariano Fortuny

From these two trips to Morocco are born many paintings by Mariano Fortuny, halfway between impressionism and the pictorial movement but deeply rooted in a realistic orientalism…

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Mo Baala

Mo Baala, he says his job chose him. Art has always been in him but life has only recently revealed it. It is Marc Belli, photographer, who spotted this young person with atypical accents. Ten years ago, he sold cigarettes in the streets. Today, Moroccan artistic discussions are omnipresent…

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11 January 1832. Toulon, France. Eugène Delacroix, embarks aboard La Perle, a boat destined for Tangier. The crew is special…

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Cy Twombly painted all his life, until his last breath or almost. He left an unfinished canvas in 2011. He had a full life, that of an artist with prolific production…

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Farid Belkahia – Tribute to an iconic artist

Farid Belkahia was born in 1934, a iconic moroccan artist who passed away a few months back. His painting on ram skin are the most representative artworks.

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