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Farid Belkahia – Tribute to an iconic artist
Farid Belkahia – Tribute to an iconic artist

Farid Belkahia was one of the iconic artists of Morocco, inspired by its culture and tradition.

He was born in 1934 and left us a few months back. Educated in Paris and Prague before returning to the country, to teach, to find inspiration and to paint. His work is recognized, prolific.


Among his work, his achievements on ram skin. A long process was necessary to prepare his « workspace » : the skin was washed processed, dried in the shade and then stretched on wooden frames.



The only colors he used are natural, drawn from the shades of saffron, henna, the pomegranate rind, methylene blue or cobalt. On the skin, he draws memory, his memory, the memory of the world. https://www.darkawa.net/blog/farid-belkahia-an-iconic-artist/ https://www.darkawa.net/blog/farid-belkahia-an-iconic-artist/ https://www.darkawa.net/blog/farid-belkahia-an-iconic-artist/He traces historical, cultural and universal references that he assembles with Berber signs. A beautiful world, a strong identity.



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