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Copper Artishok by Marion Giorgi
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Copper Artishok by Marion Giorgi

Sometimes, Valerie Barkowski invites a student  to stay in Dar Kawa. These encounters, can, give birth to unexpected series of images or stories. Here Marion Giorgi, a textile designer who graduated from ESAA Duperré – Paris in 2011, has spent a month in Dar Kawa, it was in january 2014. Beside her love for textiles she likes to make food installations and shoot them. She was given a “blank page” to express herself and created this serie of images where her hero was a copper painted artichoke.

marion giorgi silver-artishok-food-darkawa-in-detail

marion giorgi artishok-silver-food-darkawa-in-detail-3

marion giorgi silver-food-artishok-darkawa-in-detail-2

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