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SCARAB BEETLE by Pascale Malilo
SCARAB BEETLE by Pascale Malilo

The scarab beetle is the symbol of the rising sun in ancient Egypt.

It promotes life and fertility. Crucial, the scarab beetle beetle embodies the God of the Sun is reborn every morning at dawn. It symbolizes rebirth for the dead and a protective emblem for the living.


Pascale Malilo started this serie in 2007. Her scarab beetles evoke Inventories of Natural History Museums. They are made by “pecking” technique, dear to our childhood. More “zoological” series have followed the beetles, snakes & octopuses, using various techniques combining shellac or glue, walnut stain, gold leaf.


Who is Pascale Malilo?
Belgian born in 1962, she studied interior design. Worked for several architect studios followed by 20 years of graphic design. In 2000 she started to draw “object directories” related to decorative arts creating a specific poetry because often immersed in unusual contexts.


Pascal Malilo does not live in Marrakesh but, here in Dar Kawa, we love her work and we like to share it. We will be happy to provide you the details of the artist in case you would like to purchase one of her designs. Most of them have a size of 65cm x 48cm.

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