Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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The Spa in Dar Kawa with Sophie Demaret
The Spa in Dar Kawa with Sophie Demaret

At Dar Kawa we had the desire to, evolve and develop an untapped space. Several ideas hatched but that of creating a Spa seemed the best. For we have always sought that Dar Kawa is a place of healing and overall wellness.

The tradition of body care, and spa, is everywhere in Morocco. With our permanent attention for detail and authenticity, we took time to mature this project, to give it a very personal touch and quality. We were assisted in this creative process of our spa by two professionals who share our values. Of these two collaborations were born a great story foremost but also a care protocol and 100% organic products. 100% made to order for Dar Kawa.



Sophie Demaret entered into the adventure first. Sophie, she has an amazing experience and a rooted vocation entirely dedicated to well-being. She has worked in the world of luxury cosmetics brands, she traveled and dispersed knowledge to hotels and exceptional spas. Currently Director of the Spa at the Royal Palm hotel in Marrakech, she looked at our project. She imagined the massage protocol, the way to dress up the massage table. And for the development of our products she suggested to hire a doctor in physiology.

To be followed…

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