Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Mumtaz suite, 2018 edition

Mumtaz suite has been remodeled once again. Still looking the same but if you look closer you will see that we restyled the room. Mainly the textiles actually…

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Fibula berberian jewel art in Morocco

Useful and quickly decorative, the fibula is ancestral. It is thin or massive, retains lightweight fabrics or heavy heat and weight. As early as the 7th century BC, the Etruscans preferred it to the knot or the simple needle…

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The Omani junior suite is located on the first floor of the riad and has a direct access to the terrace…

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The same philosophy animates us: that of going to draw in the traditions, to make them live, to give them a breath of today. Popham Design is the company of two Americans who fell in love with Morocco and crafts cement tiles…

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Breakfast table in Dar Kawa

In Dar Kawa, we love to set beautiful tables for our customers. With table linen designed by Valérie Barkowski, it is easy to have a beautiful morning table ! …

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Mumtaz suite is large and square with a fireplace, a view on the patio, a sitting area…

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Graphic mosaic in Dar Kawa

Graphic mosaics of riad Dar Kawa show well Valérie Barkowski’s aesthetic choices…

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Olmassi junior suite in Dar Kawa, the red mood

The Olmassi junior suite in Dar Kawa is a nice mix between morocco and india…

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AFTERNOON IN THE RIAD, a special moment

For this afternoon mood we like to share these joyful images in Dar Kawa. And sometimes words are not necessary, like here… Just images that reflect the mindset of this summer afternoon…

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Le processus se met en route… Je pense à des mariés, une fête de mariage, entre mise en scène et reportage. Entre réalité et imaginaire. Pas de pose, une élégance, un naturel, et surtout une poésie ! Des mouvements, des rires, des couleurs…Une série de mode qui ne fasse pas « mode ».

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