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Bowls – by Khbar Bladna edition

See the bowls … of Jacqueline Alluchon and Serge Peronnet . Through books in small recreational formats Khbar Bladna, publishing house in Tanger, enhances the look on Morocco writers, artists and journalists. The books of the publishing house Khbar Bladna are sold at 33 Rue Majorelle in Marrakech. A voir… Des bols de Jacqueline Alluchon et Serge Peronnet. Khbar Bladna, maison d’édition à Tanger, édite des livres en petits formats. Le Maroc est à l’honneur à travers le regard de journalistes, artistes et auteurs. Les livres de la maison d’édition Khbar Bladna sont en vente chez 33, Rue Majorelle à Marrakech.

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Handmade Hammam gloves

The handmade crocheted hammam gloves are irresistible. They are not the most efficient ones but definitely the most attractive. You don’t look for them but you find them. Like for the beldi neon brooms…

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Marrakech – Isabelle Viegas

Marrakech is plural. There are many eyes on it. Among them, that of Isabelle Viegas. Pictures of everyday life in all their beauty and disuse.

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Tangaro auberge

The Tangaro Auberge is located near Essaouira and the village of Diabet, has long existed…

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Fez Pottery

In Fez, pottery is an ancient tradition…

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Dar Kawa by Sybille Derycke

A “creative” vison on Dar Kawa. An other of our clients has sent us a série of photos after staying in our road. We like it and you? Une vision “créative” de Dar Kawa. C’est une autre de nos clients qui nous a envoyé ces quelques images après son séjour dans notre riad. Cela nous plaît et à vous? Thank you Sybille Derycke. Merci Sybille Derycke.

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Dar Kawa – A lifestyle

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Oliver Weber – Marrakech

What we like in Morocco, and more particularly in Marrakech, because it is here that we live, is the quotidian…

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Neon beldi brooms

To purchase these brooms you need chance, a lot of chance…

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Fragments of our patio

Those who know Dar Kawa are aware of the fact there is always something new happening in the riad…

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