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Vintage Posters, hunting and collecting
Vintage Posters, hunting and collecting

Vintage posters with strong graphic designs.

Morocco has been in the spotlight for so many decades and still is.
These vintage posters witness how, during past century, Morocco has been advertised by airlines, shipping companies, tourism offices,… All of them promote  the beauty and treasures of the country.


Hunting and collecting these vintage posters is not easy as they are difficult to find. We have sourced a few of them at L’Orientaliste, a antique and lifestyle shop, located Rue de la Liberté in the Guéliz area (new city).


Poster hunting is definitely happening on line or in auctions now.
Good luck, bonne chance, baraka. In case you find nice editions, don’t hesitate to send us a picture, we will be happy to share it on our blog.

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