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Lunch on the terrace
Lunch on the terrace

Lunch on the terrace of Dar Kawa is always a gift. The atmosphere is pleasant and the light is inviting.

For some reason it has a special “ambiance”. We mostly serve lunch on our rooftop in winter time because of the inviting temperature. When it is summer we prefer to have dinner there, it is too hot during the day… That means that Dar Kawa moves like a chameleon depending on the season we live in.

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You can order lunch while you are having breakfast, our staff will be happy to help you choose your menu. An assortment of salads, grilled chicken, turkey or meat kebabs, a tajine… Depending on your mood and how “gourmand” you are there are multiple choices.

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We always serve fresh, seasonal and local vegetables, that is why not all the dishes are mentioned in our menu. Don’t hesitate to ask what is available in the market. And… Enjoy your meal.

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Also, remember that friday lunch is the traditional couscous day. Yes, moroccans eat couscous at lunch, never in the evening. Saïda her couscous is particularly exquisite.

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