Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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V.Barkowski bed linen – close up

In Dar Kawa, in all the rooms of the riad you will sleep in V.Barkowski bed linen. In Dar Kawa, in all the rooms of the riad you will sleep in V.Barkowski bed linen. Each room has a different set up, other styles, other colors…

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Wooden cutting boards

Shopping is part of the journey when you stay in Dar Kawa…

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The V.Barkowski store – Marrakech

Valerie Barkowski started to design home textiles in Marrakech 20 years ago. Well known for her work with artisans, you remember probably the multicolored tassels and a whole repertoire of traditional embroideries that she brought back to life but “with a twist”…

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Summer lunch under our orange trees

In Dar Kawa we love food and that is why we like to look at our table settings carefully. We play with colors, materials, table linen and accessories. Depending on the kind of meal we serve and season we live in, we choose a appropriate styling for the table.

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Michi bags are sold in the medina, haberdashery area, in the tiny store +Michi. The baskets, half leather,half straw are designed by Masami, Hisham’s wife.

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Zebra sandals

In the medina, while wandering or hunting for treasures, you always find something unexpected. Here the zebra sandals that we called “medical zebra sandals”…

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The red turkish tarboosh in Olmassi Junior suite

The red turkish tarboosh, a unexpected found. We came across this bright RED tarboosh while wandering in the medina, where you always find something unexpected. Definitely not moroccan, most probably turkish but so oriental and so good looking. We could not resist… If you stay in our Olmassi Junior Suite you will  find it displayed somewhere in your room. That is the beauty of Marrakesh, after so many years you still find little treasures. That is also how the interior design of Dar Kawa evolves all the time.

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The tattooed Babouche

The tattooed baboosh is 100% handmade, hand painted, hand stitched and made out of leather by local artisans.

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