Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Souk with Saida – morning shopping in the medina

She has the eye, the experience, the good addresses. Every day, Saïda, the cook of Dar Kawa, goes shopping in the souk looking for fresh and local products…

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Summer Mood on the terrace of Dar Kawa

Summer mood SUMMER MOOD, terrace, DAYDREAM, wandering, farniente, disconnect, ENJOY, muezzin, birds singing, present time, BE, feel the heat, a roof with a view, DAR KAWA… EnregistrerEnregistrer

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We found a nice shop in the medina that sells woman clothing. Nice fashion design, and 100% made in Marrakech, we love their robes inspired by traditionnal moroccan clothes like Caftan…

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Nous avons souvent entendu dire que en tant que touriste c’était difficile de trouver un bon couscous traditionnel… Désormais ça ne l’est plus. L’équipe de Dar Kawa vous propose le ” Friday Couscous ” !

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LE VERRE BELDI à Marrakech

The ‘beldi’ glass is emblematic of Morocco. It is the symbol of mint tea, a friendly shared moment. ‘Beldi’ means ‘traditional’. Here, many things can be ‘beldi’ … a chicken, a rug, …

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Afternoon in Dar Kawa, a amazing light crosses the orange trees of our patio. We never have enough of this light. We love it. Life is beautiful in Dar Kawa under the sunlight of Marrakech, in the heart of the old medina : Welcome ! L’après-midi à Dar Kawa, des rayons de soleil traversent les orangers du patio pour éclairer le riad. On ne peut pas se lasser de cette lumière extraordinaire à Marrakech. Nous l’adorons. Les jeux d’ombres et de lumières créent un magnifique tableau … La vie est belle et douce à Dar Kawa sous le soleil de Marrakech, au coeur de la medina : Bienvenu !

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Cactus grove – by Hans Thiemann in Marrakech

A cactus. This plant is atypical, characteristic. It is declined, takes various forms and lives with a minimum. It deploys all its majesty and particularly in the cacus grove Thiemann in Marrakech…

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The Barbershop of Marrakech, is settled in the Chérifia souk. Launched by Nicolas Nancy, the owner of “terrasse des épices”…

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Nature on our table – autumn breakfast in Dar Kawa

We love to bring nature on our table. Big bunches of dates are hanging in the palm trees. They are synonymous of abundance, sweetness, harvest. They are beautiful, colorful and their clusters so heavy and full. They inspire the table in Dar Kawa…

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The terrace of Dar Kawa, new details

In Dar Kawa, we decided to renovate and redesign the terrace. A place where it is so enjoyable to spend time. You can daydream, admire the view, have tea on the recycled palm trunk…

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