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Jacques Majorelle – book

Jacques Majorelle, “le peintre par excellence du Maroc” as Felix Marcilhac likes to describe him. This merchant and historian of French art is passionate about Jacques Majorelle and his work…

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Diptyk magazine

It focuses on contemporary Arab and African art scenes and covers the calendars obviously, the fairs, the salons but gives also the word to the artists, the curators, the gallerists…

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La Source des femmes

A film deep and intense, directed by Radu Mihaileanu, dates back to 2011 and plunges ‘somewhere between North Africa and the Middle East’…

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David Hockney influenced by Marrakech. An amazing painter. Colorful, powerful and today connected…

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” Il vous prend aux tripes, instantanément. Colorée et contrastée, sa beauté vous éclate en plein cœur… “

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Bowls – by Khbar Bladna edition

See the bowls … of Jacqueline Alluchon and Serge Peronnet . Through books in small recreational formats Khbar Bladna, publishing house in Tanger, enhances the look on Morocco writers, artists and journalists. The books of the publishing house Khbar Bladna are sold at 33 Rue Majorelle in Marrakech. A voir… Des bols de Jacqueline Alluchon et Serge Peronnet. Khbar Bladna, maison d’édition à Tanger, édite des livres en petits formats. Le Maroc est à l’honneur à travers le regard de journalistes, artistes et auteurs. Les livres de la maison d’édition Khbar Bladna sont en vente chez 33, Rue Majorelle à Marrakech.

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Sardines – So simple, so good.

Sardines. Bathed in a marinade. Stuffed with mint. Or a tajine ? Sardines are very common and tasty in Morocco and our cook, Saïda has an endless repertoire of receipes for them…

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