Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Minimal mood

Minimal mood. Minimal mood and simplicity have always been the moto of Dar Kawa… Simplicité, pureté, minimalisme sont et restent les mots clés de Dar Kawa.

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Dar Kawa’s roots are spiritual. The riad was actually a former meditation place of the Derqawi Brotherhood. Serene energy still emanates from its walls. The house has been renovated with the greatest respect for this meditative past. The general structure has remained, the original architecture preserve…

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Black and white mood in Dar Kawa

Black and white mood for Dar Kawa’s girls who are setting up the salon.  The mattress is covered with a new No-Mad 97% india fabric designed by Valérie Barkowski. The scene is beautiful. Everything is Black and white in this pure and minimal architecture. A nice moment, always full of joy. Saida, sliming as always, is changing the V.Barkowski cushions available at our store in Marrakech. Les filles de Dar Kawa installent ce matin, lematelas recouvert du nouveau tissu No-Mad 97% india dessiné par Valérie Barkowski. La scène est belle. Tout en noir et Blanc, dans l’architecture minimale du salon de Dar Kawa. Un beau moment, toujours dans la bonne humeur avec le rire de Saïda alors qu’elle installe les coussins signés V.Barkowski, disponibles dans notre store à Marrakech. Cushions : DOT, DOT PLUS, YAM exist in 50x50cm and 65 x 65cm No-Mad india available on the webshop of the brand : www.no-mad.in

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Afternoon in Dar Kawa, a amazing light crosses the orange trees of our patio. We never have enough of this light. We love it. Life is beautiful in Dar Kawa under the sunlight of Marrakech, in the heart of the old medina : Welcome ! L’après-midi à Dar Kawa, des rayons de soleil traversent les orangers du patio pour éclairer le riad. On ne peut pas se lasser de cette lumière extraordinaire à Marrakech. Nous l’adorons. Les jeux d’ombres et de lumières créent un magnifique tableau … La vie est belle et douce à Dar Kawa sous le soleil de Marrakech, au coeur de la medina : Bienvenu !

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Clotilde Ranno has stayed at Dar Kawa. A moment of relaxation for her but perhaps also of inspiration. Disconnected from her Parisian life, she did not stop thinking about her brand of custom made shirts simply named Clothilde Ranno…

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This afternoon is sunny like many afternoons in Marrakech. I was going up to the terrace when i saw a color that caught my eyes in the Baboune room…

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