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Letters from heaven
Letters from heaven

Letters from Heaven, a hand embroidered, bed linen collection with messages on plain combed and mercerized cotton.

letters from heaven barkowski

In Dar Kawa you will find this new bed sheets and pillows “letters from heaven”, signed V.Barkowski, in the Olmassi Junior Suite.
Pillow cases and bed sheets are available on order with different messages :
“Follow your own star”
“Paradise is where i am”
“Where do you want to spend eternity”
“I can resist anything except temptation”
Of course, you can also choose the embroidery color.
All pieces are made by hand and to order.

If you want to know more about the letters from heaven or order a set of pillow cases you just need to contact info@darkawa.https://www.darkawa.net/blog/letters-from-heaven/https://www.darkawa.net/blog/letters-from-heaven/https://www.darkawa.net/blog/letters-from-heaven/

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