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La peau de l’homme by Delphine Warin
La peau de l’homme by Delphine Warin

La peau de l’homme, the human skin, is a serie of photographs by Delphine Warin. Shot in the souk of Aït Ourir, in a berber shop.

« The deepest part of man is his skin » – Paul Valéry

Delphine Warin says :
“Since 2 years, i often come to the souk of Aït Ourir, about 40km from Marrakesh. (As i am living in Morocco, this country is familiar to me.) Here the crowd is dense and essentially composed by men. In the arab society, where men are used to keep control, very few places allow them to remove their social armor. There is this inescapable must : the barber. Surrendering his hands is a precious moment, almost “sacred”. I immersed myself in this world – a real challenge for a occidental woman – slowly, witness of this reality of the rural world, precarious and austere. Gradually, i began to see the vulnerability of these men. At this moment my subject took its whole dimension. A depth lives in these human beings, suddenly laid bare. Control is gone. Hassan, the barber, with who i have woven a privileged bond becomes my accomplice. His gestures are precise, protecting, his hands are enveloping, almost maternal. I don’t photograph the barber at work but a much deeper emotion, innermost. Above skin, above the human being… And these men become fragile and calm. A fleur de peau (on edge).




You can see this work at Galerie 127 located Avenue Mohammed V, 127, Guéliz, Marrakech.
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