Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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Baboune in detail
Baboune in detail

On the reservation page “Our Rooms”, you will find a serie of photos that give you a good idea of how Baboune double room looks.

Here we focus on the details of this room.
Located on the first floor of the house, Baboune has a lovely view on the patio, above the orange trees. From this room the terrace is only a few steps away. Attached bath room is made of traditional “zellij”, the moroccan hand made ceramic tiles.All the bed linens are designed by Valérie Barkowski, the owner of Dar Kawa. She launched her home textiles brand “V.Barkowski” in 1997. Maybe you will be happy to know that you can order the linens that you will find in Dar Kawa. All the textiles have handmade trimmings and embroideries.

View on the patio above the orange trees.


The picture is from Christine Spengler, who came to Marrakech in 1998 to spend time in the Sahart foundation.

Pillow case with YAM handmade embroidery, design V.Barkowski and available on order.

Waterpaint drawing from V.V.Sourianinov, a russian graphic designer who visited Marrakech in the 60s.

ZOOM on the YAM embroidery.

In the bathroom we used Lefroy Brooks taps. Bath linen is also from V.Barkowski and available on order.

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