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Rachid Benzine

Nour, pourquoi n’ai-je rien vu venir ? De Rachid Benzine, enseignant, islamologue et chercheur associé au Fonds Ricœur…

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Sustainable living : a goal, a must, a need…

The material is constantly stressed, it wears and deteriorates quickly. At Dar Kawa when we can we buy sustainable and aesthetic products…

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Palm Orchids – Marrakech

Love at first sight … between a man and a palm tree, or rather palms. For a long time, Sadek Tazi has traveled the world in search of these majestic plants with geometric shapes…

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Exhibition ‘The Moroccans’ by Leila Alaoui

It is in Marrakech that Leila Alaoui grew up. As a child, she knew Yves Saint Laurent. Everything makes sense … Her series “The Maroccans” also echoes the cultural plurality of Morocco which is highlighted in the Yves Saint Laurent museum…

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You know that we love to set up new tables and that we love food. Both are central elements in Dar Kawa …

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