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Mo Baala

Mo Baala, an elected artist. Mo Baala, he says his job chose him. Art has always been in him but life has only recently revealed it. It is Marc Belli, photographer, who spotted this young person with atypical accents. Ten years ago, he sold cigarettes in the streets. Today, Moroccan artistic discussions are omnipresent. Mo Baala did not study in any art school but rather that of life. He was born in 1986 and grew up in Taroudant. A spooky work His childhood, his life is reflected in his work. In his work again, creatures half-men, half-monsters in the manner of Hieronymus Bosch, collages, graffiti, videos too, writing, song, interpretation … His practice is plural, so much that it seeks to retranscribe encounters, emotions, the reflections of this artist who now officially hatches. This man likes to walk, to let go. He travels between Moroccan cities alone with the focus on encounters or personal reflection. He absorbs and transmits. Today the entire moroccan art scene talks about him. Extract from a portfolio “The Hunger of leaving” – Paintings and texts on Kraft paper Extrait d’un portfolio “The Hunger of leaving” – Peintures et textes sur papier Kraft “The Life of […]

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Soo, carnets d’Orient

Soo loves minimalism. Soo is a Belgian photographer. A traveler who gives another life to the realities she encounters…

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