Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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The Patio & the Terrace
The Terrace


The patio, one passes it, one meets one another there, one lives there.  It is the heart of Dar Kawa.


One can eat there in total privacy or in company. One can sit there for morning, midday and evening meals at a low table, a table for two or a large table. It is up to you and what you wish to do…

And then, at every time of the day, one rests in the large settee flooded with cushions to read, have tea, discuss or even take a nap under the orange trees, the souls of this patio. In summer, one tastes the freshness of the place. In winter, the place is covered with tarpaulin which allows light to pass through. All year round, the patio remains the central living space of Dar Kawa.
Photo credit : Tania Panova



A landing, a stair-case. The latter goes up to the Dar Kawa terrace, this place where one looks for shade as one looks for the sun. Partly covered, the terrace is a refuge for a daydream. One can lunch or dine there in summer, one can even take a shower and refresh oneself there when the sun gets too intense.


A lounge area and cots have been put up there in case you wish to rest. But, above all it is the Indian charpoi, this resting cot placed in another covered part of the terrace, which is most valuable during the afternoon hours.

Photo credit : Tania Panova, Jasmine Vanhevel