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The Table

The table

On arrival in Dar Kawa, you will discover our seasonal menu. If you wish to have a meal, simply book lunch and /or dinner by informing the staff. It is also possible to book a first meal while booking your room, you just need to inform info@darkawa.net.

It punctuates life, it palpitates. The kitchen is central at Dar Kawa. And the table, symbolises flavours, sharing. It is to be said that Morocco is spoilt. Here fruit and vegetables soaked in the sun are abundant. No need to go and look for them elsewhere…


Dar Kawa is essentially supplied with local products. And because one likes to live in harmony with nature, one follows the seasons… So much so that one is delighted to find a aubergine in April or a pomegranate in October. Everything is prepared in a simple way to discover the true and full flavours.


At breakfast, we make home-made bread. On certain days, we offer crêpes, pancakes,  bread puddings… depending on the inspiration of Saïda, our cook. As an accompaniment, we always introduce a fresh orange juice, home-made jams, yoghurt, honey, fruit, eggs (on request).


Meals are to be ordered in advance in order to be in line with our principles of « slow food ». As we only work with fresh products, nothing is stored. It is therefore enough to select dishes from the menu offered and constantly adapted. It is for you to choose if you prefer to discover the Moroccan delicacies in the patio or on the terrace. Only guests of the Mumtaz suite can have their meals served in their room.


Photo credit : Tania Panova, Jasmine Vanhevel