Kaat Benahid, Derb Ouali 18, 40000 Marrakech Medina
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The Philosophy

the philosophy

Dar Kawa philosophy

Push the door of Dar Kawa and let go. Gliding by the rhythm of a slow life, of well-being and healing. Initially, Dar Kawa was a place of prayer … This is definitely the reason why  there still emanates a soothing energy. Here, you feel at home, without the constraints of your own home. We abandon ourselves in this universe fully imagined and created by Valerie Barkowski.
Valerie Barkowski, creative director and designer, traveler from here and elsewhere who invents and assembles by following her moods. Respectful of tradition and know-how, she has always worked with artisans creating textiles and objects with a soul and a history, which travel through time by their authenticity.
Dar Kawa is her home. She restored, shaped, modulated the house according to her desires and inspirations. You will find her own designs and notice that every detail of the house has been taken care of. In Dar Kawa, certain memories coexist, like those of the Sahart foundation. Paintings, photographs, traces of artists who have stayed there.
Here, you live with the seasons, wandering from the terrace to the patio in summer and living close to the open fire in winter. The table also metamorphosis during the year using local and seasonal products cooked delicately by Saida. We take time to taste healthy ingredients, assembled according to the principles of Moroccan cuisine. We can enjoy a book, a mint tea or a siesta in the shade. One can also go through the Spa of the house for a personalized massage, to live life simply.
Dar Kawa is more than a hotel. It is a house where Valerie Barkowski and her staff welcome you with warmth and kindness … Welcome.